Sunday, May 10, 2015

Hello again!

So, it's been almost a month since my last post.  I guess that's what school will do to ya!

Since the theme of this blog is finding the beauty in life, I thought this video was very applicable.
Elizabeth Smart, a voice for abuse prevention, learned to find beauty in the ugliest of circumstances.

She's not the only one trying to prevent abuse.

I read an early version of this book, CIA Street Smarts, by a retired CIA operations officer, and found it to be a very insightful and applicable guide to being street smart.  Girls, whether you live in the city or in your parents' suburban neighborhood, I highly recommend this book.  The smallest decisions can sometimes prevent the biggest tragedies.  
You are worth it.

Beautiful thing:
People like Elizabeth Smart and B.D. Foley who work to empower women!

Peace out.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

It was Mom

Beautiful thing:

I am so, so grateful to my mom, who has been there through thick and thin, and has devoted not only her life, but her whole being to her family.  She is my best friend, my mentor, my mother.

Thanks to all the moms that made my mom possible!


Click here for more on the divine contribution of mothers.


Peace out.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Secrets to Losing Weight: Advice From a 14-Year-Old

Journals can be wonderful things.

I started consistently keeping a journal when I was a tween, and lately I've enjoyed going back to read my old entries.  I came to an entry that I wrote in 2006, when I had started to struggle a little with weight for the first time in my life (but not the last!)

14-year-old Ellie's advice on how to lose weight:
Stop worrying about it
Whatever you do, DON’T OBSESS
Seek Heavenly Father’s help
Forget about your own selfish desires and give in to the Lord’s will
When you’re feeling depressed, do something nice for someone else
Stop focusing on your weaknesses—focus on how you can help other people.

Dang, a 14-year-old came up with that??


Disclaimer: Of course I also believe in the importance of healthy eating, portion control, physical exercise, discipline, and a good sleep schedule.  But I am pretty impressed that I appreciated the importance of the mind-body-spirit connection at such a young age.  I still stand by my old advice!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Which Way Do You Face?

"Courage is...the form of every virtue at the testing point.  ...Pilate was merciful till it became risky."
- C.S. Lewis -

Here's a one-minute video on Christ's example of courage:

I add my witness that these words are true.
For further reading, click here!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The worth of souls is great!

As I was walking down the hall to work this morning,
I passed girl who was looking at the ground, avoiding eye contact as we crossed paths.
I don't know why she avoided eye contact, but it got me thinking--

A lot of times we avoid eye contact with people because we feel shame,
Or, maybe for some reason, we are afraid of what we will see in their eyes.

What will we see?
Maybe we'll see reality? 

Sometimes, when we look into another person's face, I think we look for reassurance.
Reassurance of our worth, by their reactions to us.
Maybe that's why we fear to look at another's face sometimes,
--Because we're afraid we won't be validated.

I don't know for sure.

But this I do know:
We each, individually, have 
infinite worth.
Forever, always.  
Your worth is unlimited.  Absolute.  
It will never change.

And the same is true for the worth of everyone else around you.
Yes, everyone.

Next time you look at someone's eyes,
Search not for your own worth,
But seek to get a glimpse of theirs.

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- peace -